Gary H. Rosen


25 Years in the HVAC Industry

Education:  BS Business Economics The Ohio State University – 82′

Spouse:  Shari

Children:  Erika-25 Masters Program in Psychology from The Chicago School, Rachel-23 The Ohio State University Dental School, Joey-19 Ohio University.

Hobbies:  Reading, hanging with the family, walking Sammi the dog and watching and crying to most Cleveland sports teams.

Favorite Quote:  Legendary Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes always said, “Anything easy, ain’t worth a damn”

Message to Smylie One Customers:  Don’t be a silent customer. If you’re happy with our services let us know, as well as your friends and family. However, if something we did upsets you, pick up the phone and talk to us. We will resolve the issues; we will make it right for you. You have our word on that!

Steven Smylie


30 Years in the HVAC Industry

Education: BS Business Marketing The Ohio State University – 80′

Spouse: Shari

Children: Craig-30 is married to Vanessa-29. Craig is a sports broadcaster for WJET-24 and FOX 66. Vanessa is a social worker for Erie Family Services.

Ryan-27 is a high school math teacher for Avon Lake Public Schools

Jordan-23 attends Cleveland State University

Hobbies: Softball and Golf

Favorite Quote: “Some men see things as they are and ask why, I dream of things that never were and ask why not.” Robert Kennedy

Message to Smylie One Customers:  We want to EARN your HVAC and Plumbing business every day!

Rick Coates


35 Years in the HVAC Industry

Education: West Side Institute of Technology, State Certified HVAC license

Spouse: Kathy

Children: Danielle and Kelly, along with a couple of great son-in-laws and lots of beautiful grandchildren

Hobbies: Riding my Harley Davidson and golfing

Favorite Quote: “If we don’t do it, someone else will.”

Message to Smylie One Customers: We will continue to always provide you with the highest quality of products and services that will ensure reliability and comfort for you and your family.