Do I Really Need an Air Conditioner Tune-Up Every Spring?

If I had a nickel for every time I was asked this question, I would be, um, well, I would have a whole bunch of nickels, believe me. However, each time the question is posed, my answer is always the same; a resounding “YES!” So, I have decided to present with a short, yet comprehensive list of reasons to have an annual inspection & tune-up performed.

1. Regular maintenance helps keeps your equipment running at its optimum efficiency. A cooling system Pro-Max & Safety Inspection will help catch service issues before they turn into major costly concerns. The more efficient your equipment operates, the lower your bills will be. In fact, since you’re a/c system can be responsible for majority of your electric costs; the small investment of an annual tune-up could end up saving you as much as 30% in electrical use.

2. Annual check-ups on your cooling equipment will help prolong its life expectancy. I think it’s safe to assume that most people visit their doctors at least once a year to receive a physical examination. Why do we put ourselves through this often-times embarrassing position? We do it because we need to know that we are healthy and that if any health concerns do arise, that they will be addressed and rectified before they turn into a major health crisis. That same logic should be applied when it comes to your air conditioning system. When a Smylie One certified technician performs a “physical examination” on your cooling system, you will receive the results of all of the tests which were performed and be made aware of any concerns so that they may be addressed before they turn into an inconvenient cooling emergency.

3. Replacing your air filter is not considered a tune-up and safety inspection. I know that there are plenty of people handy “do it yourselfers” who try and save a few dollars by making a few simple adjustment to their cooling system. However, I seriously doubt that many of these “gadget guru’s have the know-how to properly check a system’s refrigerant levels/pressures, determine a saturation temperature, perform a leak & die search, inspect the compressor safety features, or identify and replace capacitors and contactors. These are just a few of the many inspection points our technician will perform during our 30-point Pro-Max Cooling Inspection. At the conclusion of your inspection, you will receive a detailed report of your units operation, including any recommendations or other useful comments.

4. Avoid the hottest-day-of –the-year breakdowns. It happens every year! Customers who put off their annual Pro-Max Tune-Up & Safety Inspection until June or July are the ones who call us because their unit is not working to maximum capacity on the hottest day of the year. Breakdowns are inconvenient for our customers. So are high service bills. Avoid the weekend breakdowns…avoid the holiday breakdowns..avoid the high cost of overtime rates! Call Smylie One today and have your air conditioner tuned up today!