Consistent Care Will Keep Your Furnace Functioning Efficiently

Consistent Care Will Keep Your Furnace Functioning Efficiently

Cleveland winters are frigid, but your home is toasty — unless your furnace breaks down. To keep your heating system running efficiently and effectively, yearly maintenance is a must.

“People have become very accustomed to changing the oil in their cars, and they understand that if they change their oil regularly then their cars will last longer and have fewer breakdowns,” says Steve Smylie, co-owner of Smylie One Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. “If you maintain your heating system yearly, you’ll find that your equipment runs more efficiently, that it has a longer life expectancy, and that your home will maintain a more comfortable climate.”

Smylie One is a full-service heating, cooling, and plumbing company led by a group of professionals who have served the Northeast Ohio community for more than 30 years. The Smylie family itself, now in its third generation in the HVAC industry, has provided trustworthy services to the area for more than half a century and takes pride in getting the job done right. “It all starts with our culture,” Steve says. “We like to take a customer who calls for the first time and then earn their business every time we come out.”

Many homeowners are unaware their heating systems are running poorly and how much money is being wasted in the process. It not only costs more in energy bills but also can cause further damage to the system that could necessitate costly repairs and even replacement of the furnace. “It can seem like the system is working, but really it’s doing damage to itself,” Steve explains, adding that the problem can be as simple as a dirty filter that needs to be changed.

To ensure every inspection its technicians perform is completed thoroughly and correctly, Smylie One developed the Pro-Max Tune-up & Safety Inspection. This system is a comprehensive list, in which all Smylie One technicians are trained, that the technicians follow when performing furnace tune-ups and inspections. “We’re not in it for the short term,” Steve says. “We want to do a very complete and comprehensive tune-up, and we want to make sure when we’re finished the client’s equipment is working as efficiently as possible.”

Steve’s passion for heating and cooling systems comes from his father, William, who worked in the industry since before Steve was born. “I started working with my dad when I was four years old, just handing him the wrenches and other tools,” Steve recalls. “It really was part of my up-bringing.” This passion has led Steve always to hold his company to the highest of standards. Smylie One is a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, and all of its technicians are certified through North American Technician Excellence (NATE), meaning that Smylie One is qualified to work on any and all heating systems.

Ask how Smylie One’s partnership plan can get you faster responses and better prices on all of Smylie One’s services.

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